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Some economists believe that the agricultural sector may represent a way for Spain can be used in order to recover part of their income after what the right because of the current credit crunch. The problem is that over the years, leaving the Spaniards fields in order to go to the cities, so this activity has become in the present time in the past and is not suitable for the market.

And it pays the difficult economic situation in the country a lot of young people who have lost their jobs in the cities to return to the fields and to engage in these professions again, but a new perspective of marketing and using modern means such as online sales. 

According to reports by the official study, the distribution of food products to make the process of the basic price rise by 5-fold and be the final weak gains for farmers. It seems that the solution lies in direct sales over the Internet. A spokesman for the Spanish farmers' union: «The first experiments direct sales over the Internet in Germany and Switzerland. At the present time we find France being the largest volumes of trade through direct sales between farmers and consumers. »

And experiencing sales growth over the Internet in Spain although they still account for only 5% of total sales. The farmers of Valencia first entered this market, about 5 years ago, through the orange sales. These Citidel LTD companies and raised the slogan «from field to table», a slogan that the happiest consumers of the private sector and sought a high-level restaurants to provide the best product to their Citidel customers.

The objective of this leading group sales over the Internet get a direct benefit by leaving the middlemen and sell great products at one time. Some of these companies have become unpopular in major Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where citizens can not easily access to the fruit does not depend on the means harmful to the environment.

Moreover, foods that do not rely on techniques harmful to the environment represents a common trend at the moment has become. Most of the population is aware of the features in these products do not care about to pay more for them. And allow online sales for them to get the best products at the same price.

In fact, 64.1% of Spaniards consume or consumed products do not rely on techniques harmful to the environment, and assert that they consume for health reasons and thanks to their flavor and quality.

After the sale of fruit, such as oranges, cherries, pears, via the Internet, has been selling other traditional products such as potatoes, cheese, wine and dessert. According to reports by the statistics, all the market research suggests that direct sales may become the future of some agricultural sectors which are currently insignificant, particularly for retail to farmers who feel the pressure because the traditional distribution system.

The Obarisi Federico and his wife, Dolores Colomar, may have established site in 1998. They were at the forefront of this kind of commercial activity and are currently selling for 10 thousand families each season. It can be found among the list of clients on the prominent chefs such as Ferran Adria and Santi . It is noteworthy that two years ago They update their position-mail in order to give more information about their products and the level of quality.

He says Federico: «Besides the possibility to purchase, we will add a new page in the Additional Information for citrus in general and specifically orange».

During 1998, new electronic sales company in Spain which appeared . And it includes a group of 30 different company sells oils, fruits and vegetables. After 8 years, this group has achieved sales worth 31.3 million euros and gains of up to 12 million euros.

Site confirms that it «does not sell or buy, but facilitate communication between the consumer and the product through the system free Classifieds». Sectors that have turned to the Internet for sales promotion: cooperatives for small farmers and producers who do not use harmful means to the environment.

Although farmers believe that sales over the Internet is the future, they do not represent at present a solution to all problems. Says Marketing Director of one of the institutions in the south of Spain sells potatoes directly online: «with this method of sale, online sales at the moment can not support the cooperative societies .. but it is just an opportunity in the future».

The shipping sector within the larger problem. The Spaniards nor the farmers to sell their products abroad because they will put the shipping costs, so in the end it will be more expensive. And marketing manager confirms that transport increases the price of 8 euros per 10 kg If you are selling over the Internet.

But these young farmers are betting directly on global quality assurance, something irreplaceable in international sales over the Internet, although it is assumed additional fee of three thousand or four thousand euros a year, according to what reported by the Spanish Cooperative Association Director .

That is why they chose to provide comprehensive information on the areas of production and means of agriculture and various varieties of products and their availability through the seasons. And put the pictures on the websites of movement throughout the process and achieved a large size and bright colors and a natural look.

Farmers and wants to attract a large amount of attention on the part of customers, and the sites mentioning the packaging and product returns and alternative means of payment and methods of transmission and delivery schedules process according to each client. In order to emphasize the quality of products, national or international certification obtained by the exposure.

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